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's the special pinsz that will help prevent energy efficient upgrade and a spreading e spraifd the cost recovery over the life the unit. it will help to finance upgrades through the property assessment and the capita will be priority by private entities would no financial risk to our at the center everyday we're here fortunately in lieu of to witness the clean up air energy economy we know this could trigger a market transformation for the evolution we're witnessing but in order to unleash the potential we must provide the cat lift for a are you unnecessarily product and services. that catalyst as i mentioned it green finance sf. we've seen other parts of the state here in california that have adapted pace programs like in riverside county and have each year the positive impacts. we know the stories of individual that have benefited from the pace programs. we know those upgrades can save money for crucial home improvement projects but illuminate bills. in the future it was important for mayor ed lee and i to make sure this finance had a strong workforce component. we had meetings with our partne
residents to finance the energy and renewal capital improvement improvement and take other action necessary thereof. >> thank you mr. clerk. this item colleagues is a resolution i introduced and sponsored with the mayor with the revitaltation of greenfinancesf and that we support the office of the department and to take the appropriate steps to get greenfinancesf up and running. i want to thank all my cosponsors for their cosponsorship. in particular i want to thank supervisor mar for his early leadership on the issue. when the program was first put for thed and stalled in 2010 and with ground work with stakeholders from all of the communities and last tuesday the mayor and i announced to kick start greenfinancesf and continue san francisco's tradition of combating climate change, push out city down the path of reducing greenhouse gas emission goals and put san franciscans to in the neighborhoods and finance projects in their home. this program for residential properties of our units or less is referred to as pace so financing structure that will enable san francisco at no cost to the c
need to really think about how we engage multiple family housing with renewable energy stuff. as the folks in the court said we have a number of that housing when it gets r5789d they get those huge tax loans can be ramgdz and much of the affordable housing open hunters point hill hazed begun thorough those renovation so definitely we have to think about how we crack most of the stuff we deal with is houses but we haven't figured out how to deal with multiple housing yet. and i think this is really the best ways to a learn by reaching anti them in the community. i hope we can reach out to other folks and have more meetings outside of city hall. it's fairly mulch to learn a lot of parpz and i hope to continue to partner >> just two items i wanted to thank the viral staff who helped to plan this is set up it takes a lot of energy to do this outside of city hall thank you to geronimo. i want to say this as part of the commissioners report new business the san francisco climate action strategy is complete it's hot off the presses. yes. role role huge congratulations to the staff
resident in mcthis a reality. we supported several energy efficiency and energy projects we funded over one hundred solar installations in the bayview area. we supported green jobs along with the garden jobs we fund we supported some capital improvements for example, 11 years ago we funded the bayview community advocates and for solar training and their training of the now house it was a model house that have the parked next to at&t baseball park and when it was done, it was put on a barge and is at alice griffith used as a community center. so when i come here for meetings i i know that bayview residents help build that center. we have the ecosystem it's been complete and recently received certificati certification. thank you (clapping) we've shg hard to reduce the toxic containment. we have a bio fuse in the neighborhood and currently we're moving into the world of pests and trying to reduce the pesticides. my partner in the e j program is training tenants with the housing arthur on how to reduce pesticides. we're working now on identifying the sites in the neighborhood so we can include
us install over 1 point and 64 solar pages it's $3.3 million in energy savings that 26 thousands of hours of job training and over 10 thousand emissions prevented in the environment. we provided the largest solar providing 13 homeowners where over 3 kilowatts in one day. i'd receive called if homeowners saying they've got a 24 hour notice their bill is do you in one day they're making decisions to pay the bills or eat. this is helping the east side they no longer have to worry about co-op their their lights on. a grandmother received the solar panel and she went to school and kathy her class on this magical system that went on her grandmothers roof. it sits outside and the convert tells him how much their saving. her solar system sleeps in the evening she said and wamdz in the morning. solar panels are roll out of reach for 26 thousand i don't have that money. necessary e my parents were the receipts and they have thousand dollar bills now that my mother is enabled their bills are 2 hundred and something a year. they have ongoing medical equipment for health and safety. so those
, so that they can work in the clean energy field or in other fields because they have gotten the skills that are necessary in terms of hard and soft skills in terms of working so this is a really great opportunity for san francisco to be a leader and do the right thing, so thank you very much and i am looking forward to participating in it. >> thank you. much appreciated. supervisor mar any comments or questions? to all the speakers if you have any other comments and again mr. chin or commissioner arsy if you want to come back up and any other questions or comments otherwise we will wrap it up. >> thanks supervisor. just one thing i wanted to say and you mentioned city build on the work force side we are exciting about city build and the role pat mulligan can play and the department of the environment and we have them here and there is capacity and infrastructure with cal and rich at the department to be really supportive so i wanted to add that component and everything is set and ready to go and we're excited about the potential moving forward with the program. >> supervi
but one thing that program doesn't aggress is the issue of energy efficiency, water conservation, transportation, the off loading of natural gas as a fossil fuel that we use to heat our homes and it also doesn't address how to pay for solar electric systems and solar water systems over the life of those systems and that's an impediment and right now the vehicle for that is third party ownership and investors group and wallstreet owns the systems on people's homes and only addresses the solar electric system and not how we reduce the natural gas usage, how we reduce hour water usage and how we decarbonize our transportation and those three issues are actually major issues with respect to climate change and how we respond to that, so we have a huge opportunity to respond to climate change and by engaging a local work force to do that work and skill people up. we have many old buildings in san francisco. many old buildings that would benefit from the upgrade of those buildings to be more efficient so people can spend their money other than on their utility bills. right now the b
, meeting our greenhouse emission reduction, our renewable energy pros in their homes. green finance sf is a program for residential properties of [inaudible] or less, otherwise known as pace, it's a financing structure that will enable san francisco at no cost to the city to fund energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades for property owners and home owners. green finance sf special form of financing will overcome market barriers by spreading cost recovery with savings realized over the lie of the improvement. the special form of financing allows owners to upgrade with a traditional tax assessment with extremely favorable terms and competitive interest rates. it will be provided by private entities with no financial risk or exposure to san francisco. every day in our city, we're fortunate too witness emerging models that that has become our clean energy economy. we know it can trigger market transformation s*us u just as the it transformation we're currently experiencing, but in order to unleash this true potential, as a city, we must provide callus stronger demand for renewable en
fortunate too witness emerging models that that has become our clean energy economy. we know it can trigger market transformation s*us u just as the it transformation we're currently experiencing, but in order to unleash this true potential, as a city, we must provide callus stronger demand for renewable energy products and services. the catalyst is green finance sf. we receive seen in other parts of the state in california that have adopted residential pace programs, in sonoma and riverside county and is have seen the positive impacts that have followed further residents in their local economy. the stores of individuals that have chosen to participate in the respective pace programs and the successes they have experienced. these can save on monthly utility.bill tos the tune of tosses of dollars, from the beginning of this process, we wanted to make sure this finance tool had a strong workforce component tied to it. we convened meters with our partners and labor to start discussions with how that work component would look like. it's a key to not getting them job today and keeping th
like to address is 5c the power revenue and clean energy bond. i didn't even realize this was emerging. this was an issue that was just a thought and it wasn't until cap came on board until this started to happen. i was thrilled to see, wait, i have it highlighted, of course i can't come up with it. that this is all going to start to happen. it was years ago. heche didn't have any type of business plan and no way to get these bonds issued and now it is going to happen and i think it's very exciting and i wanted to bring it up because it was buried in material that we read and i'm glad you are going to say something about it. >> yes. thank you very much. at the request of many of you and most recently commissioner vetore in preparation for the budget hearing you will hear more about the power business plan as well as the plan of issuance of power revenue bonds we have sold some clean renewable energy bonds that will clean up about $70 million worth of power revenue bonds which is the 1st time we've done that in about a hundred years since the dam was rebuilt with the power revenue bond
that dan will do an excellent john -- job and i think it will be good for the program to have new energy and new leadership. certainly i wouldn't be where i am without my colleagues on the team. it's because of their hard work and dedication that we are now 80 percent done on the delivery on the $4.6 billion undertaking and people can't forget that. that's a combination of city staff and consultants. fortunately, whatever reason the file i have is not coming up. i'm going to have do this with a projector in black and white. it's not a great way to go out but nonetheless. you will get a colored one in your packets. so this is the quarterly report for fiscal year 2013-2014. it covers the period of july 1st through september 30th. as you can see here from this pie chart we've now completed construction on 63 of our projects and those projects are worth $1 billion. during the reporting period, 1 project moved to close out and two projects were closed out. the majority of our work does continue to remain in construction but that is about to change drastically as in 2014 we are forecasting to
energy efficiency and energy projects we funded over one hundred solar installations in the bayview area. we supported green jobs along with the garden jobs we fund we supported some capital improvements for example, 11 years ago we funded the bayview community advocates and for solar training and their training of the now house it was a model house that have the parked next to at&t baseball park and when it was done, it was put on a barge and is at alice griffith used as a community center. so when i come here for meetings i i know that bayview residents help build that center. we have the ecosystem it's been complete and recently received
about our energy efficiency and renewal programs in san francisco and i'm talking about street lights. those are the program areas that are in consolidation for street light fund our net operating fund are what we are and have to be allocated among the responsibilities >> can you help us under and the board of supervisors would have to agree when you talk about the general offhand that's other city departments they pay for electricity and if the full increase is granted would that be significant. >> it's an opportunity yes. >> what are - >> i wouldn't tell but there are plans for improvements that have to be deferred. >> i'd be interested in knowing what that goes up to it's speculative you know, i could envision a scenario where there's increases in the general funds and that money went everywhere but for street lights. seems like there's been a pretty low prioritization >> yeah. the 389 is not the al all-time low while islam i've been involved it's higher than it has been. >> it's embarrassing supervisor kim. >> i have a couple of of questions i wasn't following the slides
energy a national imperative. it touched me because it's the things we do at g s a everyday. just like apple products convey their products this building is no exception it has solar and open rabble windows and it represents the history in this city. we use an integrated design approach in our project and we manage our building holistically. and indeed we help the workforce because their housed. and where else is the conversion of technology and art more prevalent than here per jobs was an volley ball for workplace and i believed that successful companies thrived oneself competition rather than waiting for someone to come up with products their world leadership was for the last 15 years. g s a is leading the transformation for the frig. we were the first agency to help simplify the procurement of the board rage of services and saving million dollars discolors for the taxpayer. we're rolling out a program to help with the collaborative workspace and g s a as a great sustainable ability and it's one of the few agrees to sustain green. here in region 9 we're in the lead in the g s a perfo
given us a taolt, carbon nano fill to cheaply filter from fresh water and find energy-free d free for the capture in hydrothermal venting, police cal intervention will enable california to have developments in all its economic ability, will warrant carbon download into plant material, we also fund the development of robotics. >> thanks, next speaker. >> thank you very much. supervisors, south beach marina apartment, we don't get the show over there, so we don't see what's going on here. i would like to celebrate life, celebrate workers, celebrate a conversation, so keeping on the same page of all the things i've kind of picked up or some of the things i've picked up since i've been kindling here, keeping us on the same page, 706 mission, the building wasn't high enough, we need a waiver from regulation, planning department, it's okay, board, a, okay, washington, we can't make enough profit, we can't maximize. change of code, planters, no problem, board, hey, a, okay. later down closer to here a little thing or protrel avenue, a remodeled business that never made any noise now make
of sobriety. and the negative energy out in the city they can subtle their friendship clients when they do their daily actions. that's what i'm about is supporting those folks in the friendship house. that's what we need. this room is full of talented heros and once you start communicating together we can bridge that into the next generation for the children and grandchildren in the room. i thank you and appreciate being nominated and thank you for coming out. (clapping.) >> after orlando's family photographer finishes up there hey. at this time we're going to ask the honor resolution and their presenters to come up. get ready for some pictures. again, i want to thank little feathery know it was last minute but it was good thank you. so i'd like to thank k q e d and the mayor's office and san francisco american health center and the indian health center of santa clara valley and the associated host for the indians how about a big applause. i want to thank park she take care of our videos right behind me. suzy thank you. joanna big awe how thank you for your all you're down and k q e d. at
an certified energy and currently development and manage their implementation >> okay. and what's your interest in this? >> really community service we've raised our children to give back to our community. i recognize this is an opportunity to do that while working in a area i love i'm an engineer by training and the revenue bond are going toward the sewer infrastructure >> any other questions? supervisor london breed. >> thank you for being here and your interest in applying. i notice it the application question that you whether or not you attend any meetings of this particular body in the past you said no, can you explain what you're familiarity is with the committee in general and why do you think you would fit into this particular body >> actually since i've submitted that application i've attended the last meeting. that particular discussion was wrapping the current funding on the water infrastructure improvement and really the technical aspect of it was what i kind of bring to the board. there's members of the board that are really financial savvy and my jerry background is u
monopoly on the chemotherapy. this particular wish the parents wanted to wait until he had energy. i began assigning this wish with the family in march and started to understand the two miles how are we going to achieve that i made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involv
solution we've been searching for in san francisco that will build out local energy sources and will create local jobs, it will reduce the adverse effects of climate change, make it easier for property owners in our neighborhoods make energy efficient upgrades to their homes. we have more work to do and colleagues, i hope you'll join me and many other city ride to reach our green house sf here in san francisco, i want to thank everybody that's helped with this process, the department of the environment, department of public finance, the commission of the environment, as well as numerous other labor community, small property owner and business people that were involved in this process, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor kim? >> thank you, supervisor kim, supervisor mar? >> thank you, colleagues, today i'm requesting our budget and analyst office to evaluate economic impacts of our transit first policies in the city. public space in our city is extremely -- it's an extremely valuable resource. we've increased the use of better neighbors planning, complete streets,
are focusing our energy. >> thank you for your presentation. next we have tim from mta. he's going to discuss some of the priority transit projects. transportation, okay. >> good morning, supervisors, tim with the san francisco mta. i'm the director for strategic planning. i'm going to walk through some of the transportation projects and programs in the eastern neighborhoods and really building upon the presentation that they had this morning especially from director ram. on the planning side where the eastern neighborhoods and other areas where being planned to accept this growth, we looked very closely to look at what were going to be the impacts with the transportation system. as we are working more on these plans we are getting more detail in terms of what it's going to do to the local and region markets. this is just pointing to some of the existing trouble markets and there is going to be more on the east side as it comes to fruition. there is some in the downtown capacity. the system only works with one no matter which line goes into the central core area. they all work together. so r
to save some of your precious energy minutes, et cetera, or it's not working as well as it normally does, it is helpful to have a message board that you can get information to other people. and, so, that's what we're showing here. you can see people are going to be looking for their pets. they're going to be looking for rides. people are going to need to be sharing resources a much as they possibly can. another thing that you can see here is they're going to need to be fair tools and some of the things that people are going to need in order to be able to stay safer within their homes. so, we're just showing sort of a gesture to that with all these different tools here. but then also tarps, people are going to need to cover their windows if their windows are cracked, if their roofs are broken. so, ideally, the city would be able to know where all these neighborhood centers are and help deliver some of these supplies. >> they could come from a neighbor, maybe not. thank you so much for allowing us to come in and share this wonderful exhibit. and thank you for >> this lodge is home to some
or in a position of breaking the law. if you know about cycling the energy you need to use when you get going. it makes the journey stilted. it takes longer. if you want to have a smooth flow of cyclistses than reorder the junctions or at least provide corridors and what we have at portland and seattle and minneapolis we have the space in terms of wide avenues and boulevards and also we have the other advantage is that relatively small area. 7 miles by 7 miles so you could create these avenues, absolutely safe corridors, one way, one way, and i don't know how -- you're going to have to put up -- get with the merchants associations. i know that's difficult but that's how radical you're going to have to get. you have to literal get with sacramento and change laws traffic laws. these are our own city laws. i commend your efforts but i hope you get a lot more serious on this. thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? then public comment is closed and i would like to thank supervisor avalos who took the load on a ballot measure for next year and the recommenda
to the committee is youthful energy. when i met with kathleen coal i'm sure she can reiterate this i had a meeting with phil. i don't want to inject hostility but people were on the committee are all great but this is like three or four weeks ago she already said no, i was a little bit >> who is she said, "no. >> i had a conversation with her, she said the people that on on the committee are great i do think they're great and i think you know i'm young and i'm smart i don't what i'm talking about. there's two who don't live in san francisco and i know they're here but - >> we do have one of them who's a native san franciscan who's been actively engaged and another person who is running an orchestrates. and let me be exemplar i came here prepared to hear from those candidates knowing you and your passion hoping to provide an opportunity for you on this particular commission i think you do an credible job i came here and i can probably speak for any colleagues, we come here looking for great candidates to serve the city and county of san francisco and what happens when wu you have all person rega
specifically. and on this note i'll introduce the director of the x platform >> wow. look at all the energy in people here in a zone that's already - i'm so exfoliated to be here. when we moved the "x" tomorrow down to pier 15 it was never meant to stop it here. the opportunity of moving into the urban environmentalists into the neighborhood was part of our community illness when we got started ease move forward into pier 15 pr i want to thank shawn to be the head he thought spear to start building those x tomorrow ideas. it's been our belief also the "x" tomorrow isn't just a place but a way to see the world and to be part of it. it brings, you know, part of those experiences ease grab someone on the side of the street and enjoy it. that's not the first time we've done this. the project represents one of the x particulars of a new kind of relationship in working with our hometown with the mayor's office and the living innovations idea with the make our own market street idea. this is a vibrant vision that is recreating the capital here and it makes it exciting. i have a number of people to
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 70 (some duplicates have been removed)

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